Hatoful Boyfriend is a unique dating sim that came out and took quite a few people by storm. It’s a dating simulator where you’re a human that’s been accepted to a prestigious school for pigeon. Just like a normal visual novel dating sim game you’re getting to know the different pigeons and interacting with them as you divert your time between school and meeting with these birds. Of course, the narrative is what shines here with different plots both lighthearted and at times dark. While the front of the game seems to be pretty comical, those that want a narrative to keep you progressing forward just to see how it all ends won’t want to pass up on this title. Mystic Messenger is a beloved staple in the otome games genre, and it is notorious for its addictive nature and swoon-worthy cast.

Steam Pulls Dating Sim That Helps You Do Your Taxes

The player is cast into the young life of Luna, the main character whose name can be customized. A mysterious old woman recently gifted her with a magical book that has the power to make people whose names will be written in the book fall in love with her temporarily. The game boasts 16 to 24 hours of heart-warming content; your relationship with Cove will be dictated by your choices about yourself and your dialogue with him and other people. Both of you will grow, and how he will look and act develops together with your interactions. Oh, also, the villain of the game is literally named Turbo — as in Turbo Tax.Some gamers are loving the satire, and are ready to declare “Tax Heaven 3000” as Game of the Year. That’s right; as players romance anime cutie Iris, they are asked for their social security number and income information.

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Sunless Sea is a big step away from a cute dating sim and goes into seafaring horror. There is no physical character creator, but you have the choice of pronouns that aren’t trapped in the binary. Some other games that deserve a mention and are super similar to Sunless Sea are Fallen London and Sunless Skies. The 2D dating simulation has an adorable style and won Best Narrative at Casual Connect Asia in 2017. Those who don’t even like dating sim games tend to still like Monster Prom for its charm and humor.

The required specs for the game are at least a Windows 7 OS, 2 GB of RAM, 1 GB of storage, DirectX 9.0c, and a 2 GHz dual-core processor. That dreaded time of the year has arrived when all Americans must go through the arduous process of filing their taxes. Pretty much nobody enjoys it, yet it’s a regular part of being an adult. To simplify the process, many Americans utilize programs such as TurboTax and H&R Block. But what if a cute anime girl was there to guide a person through the tax filing process instead of some boring software?

The game was developed and published by Dicesuki and was released in April 2017. Like most otome games, this one requires only at least Windows XP, 1 GB of RAM, 1 GB of storage, DirectX 9.0c, and a 1.2 GHz processor. The player has five different routes that would lead to more than ten possible endings, and with 4 to 6 hours of game time, you can uncover how you died and who is in charge of the underworld. Pink Rage Otome is a fine otome game addition to steam and would be quite a find for those who are fans of mystery-solving too. As an idle game, you must click and choose the right options in order to become a better dater. You need to work different jobs, arrange certain dates and give the right gives to improve your dating game.

Like most otome games, the main character’s name can be customized, but the new name cannot be voiced in-game. SteamDeveloperRaikon KitsuneRelease DateFebruary 11, 2022Multiplayer? NoReimei no Gakuen is a visual novel game based on a modern fantasy setting filled with mystery. It was developed and published by Raikon Kitsune and was released in February 2022.

Lucky for you, the entire town is filled with plenty of dads who are handsome, quirky, and, most importantly, single. In Love Esquire, you play as a lowly squire in a kingdom on the brink of war. You only have a few months before you ship out to war, so you need to be sure you find love before you head off to likely death.

Simply put, the game aims to make filing your taxes simpler and more enjoyable than other tax software. Ever wanted to know what the cross between a tycoon simulator and a dating sim would be like? Your family business has been stolen but you can reclaim it by forming strong partnerships with a wide collection TransgenderDate of executives. Nothing is really what it appears to be, and the tone of the game can turn from hilarity to horror on a dime. Screw your expectations, you aren’t just going to laugh at this game… Especially not when you reset and decide to “fulfill the promise” to discover what the real experience really is.

This dating sim doesn’t only look at a variety of possible romances but also other elements such as earning a living and building skills. Getting to know these people will not only improve the players’ negotiation tactics but some even have a chance to go a step further into developing a relationship. This incarnation of Story of Seasons has Noby and his friends doing all the usual rural life activities like planting fields of crops, making friends, cooking, and attending festivals in the town of Natura. Its adorable watercolor visual style is a welcome change from other Story of Seasons games that have retained Harvest Moon’s chibi-style 3D aesthetic.

With visual novel elements mixed in with its surprisingly complex dating sim mechanics, Monster Prom is one of the best, funniest, and most well-polished dating sim games on Steam. Stepping away from the visual novels players that wish to help others pursue romance instead of themselves will enjoy their time playing Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker. Players take on the role of an agent at a dating agency who must help match up couples through their similar interests, wants, and appearances. You play the apprentice of a mystic in a kingdom and get to follow through a narrative of your choice depending on who you pick to romance. While you never actually see your character, you do have the choice of their pronoun which includes they/them as an option. This turn-based strategy game allows players to pick a character portrait, name, and pronoun.

And it’s all pretty well-done too, boasting a strong cast of female voice actresses . This entry is actually the 4th game in the extremely popularAMNESIAotome series, but it’s also the only one that’s managed to make it to a PC port. Considering its fan following in Japan and an enthusiastic Western audience that has begged for a stateside release for years, it’s no surprise this game shot to the top of the list. Otaku’s Adventure tells the story of an anime-obsessed boy and his quest for love. Since your character is an otaku, he obviously doesn’t have much charm when it comes to dating.