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From there, you can visit your “How To Create An Invoice In Quickbooks” page which will have a big green “Create Invoice” button at the top. However, most of us will need to know how to create and send invoices in QuickBooks Online right from the start. In fact, for many sole proprietors or freelancers, that may be one of the only tasks you’re hoping QuickBooks will be able to help you accomplish. Getting paid faster starts with configuring your invoice settings in QuickBooks Online. Your first hurdle is determining how much information you need to display on your invoices and sales forms. form templates if using the “old layout” is discussed in a separate lesson. The “Qty” field is multiplied by the “Rate” field to show the total amount for the line item in the “Amount” field. If entering a product or service without a rate or quantity, you can simply enter the total amount into the “Amount” field, if needed. To email copies of this invoice to others if using the “old layout,” then click the “Cc/Bcc” link by the “Email” field to show additional “Cc” and “Bcc” fields in a drop-down menu.

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By choosing to use their templates, you can create custom invoices which suit your business, and contain all the information you need. If using the “new layout,” click the “Edit” link next to the “Customer payment options” label below the line item area, instead. Note you must first have online payments enabled through QuickBooks Online before you can use these. If shipping is enabled and you use the “old layout,” then you can enter the amount of shipping into the “Shipping” field.

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Select the correct sales tax rate for this invoice, or choose “add new” to add a new sales tax rate on the fly. You can also manually calculate the sales tax due and enter it into the box to the right of the sales tax dropdown option. If you chose to create an invoice for selected items, you’ll see a new pop-up box that will allow you to choose what you want to invoice now. Choose the options that apply to you, then click the “OK” button. These fields are not used by every company, so this article only touches on them briefly. The Rep field is for the sales rep responsible for the sale to the customer.

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You can find Invoicing in the Sales tab of the left-side Navigation Pane. So, before we look into creating invoices, let’s take a look at what else we can find in the Sales section. Like in QuickBooks Desktop, the “Amount” field automatically calculates by multiplying the rate by the quantity, but you can manually adjust as well. If you change the total amount, the rate will adjust so the math works out correctly. Choose a customer from the dropdown menu, or create a new customer on the fly by selecting “Add New” from the dropdown menu. You also have the option to print or email the invoice at a later time, in a batch.

Doing business overseas and need to make international business payments? Wise could save you money versus your bank. QuickBooks aims to make tracking real-time payments effortless, but you should also consider providers that can help you receive international payments as your business grows. Wise, for example, can help you with making and receiving international payments. On the left side, you will see the panel with unbilled time activities for this customer. You have to click on one or more sales orders that have all the items to include in the invoice.

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