South Korean actor Hyun Bin opened up about his life after marrying his Crash Landing on You co-star Son Ye-jin in a new interview. The couple began dating shortly after the K-drama came to an end. They got married last March and welcomed their first child together in November. In a new interview, the actor opened up about work and his life lately. Notably, the Memories of Alhambra actor has been showing love for his wife, Son Ye-jin, and their baby boy for quite some time now. He was previously seen radiating positive and loving vibes when a reporter congratulated him on his marriage and Son Ye-jin’s pregnancy.

Hyun Bin is the first boyfriend that Son Ye Jin publicly dating

Another superman joins with his cute but mischievous young boys. The Do family visit a mudflat on their camping trip. Will and Ben are having a chocolate crisis at home, so they visit a car wash to keep occupied. A superman is back on the show with a new addition to the family. Ha-young has a hidden talent, and a salon opens up at home to prep for a guest. Jam Jam’s dad has to come with different ways to combat her rebelling age.

Over a year of dating, Hyun Bin has gained weight and Son Ye Jin has been praised for getting more and more beautiful!

Later, she also mentioned jokingly that Hyun Bin was her first and last love. The Kang family move into a new house, and Jo Eun is Ha-oh’s first visitor in the event filled home. Will and Ben play indoor hockey, and a couple of friends pay a visit. The double sets of twins start day 2, and the reliable big sister once again saves the day. Ha-oh meets his trot auntie and some older boys to play with. Newborn Yi-eum finally gets to go home, and the whole family dotes on her.

That said, although they are not related by blood, they are indeed related by love. As felt by the nickname that Antonio Banderas’s stepdaughter, Dakota Johnson, calls him. They indeed have an unbreakable bond no one can ruin. Speaking about how they made it easy for him with their down to earth nature, Jung Hyun said that they are the most considerate and talented seniors. Even though they have been in the industry much longer than he has been, they gave him the same respect and opportunity like a colleague, he said.

Dr. Romantic season 3

Two idol uncles appear in front of SoDa Siblings as their mom and dad. The two uncles can’t help but surrender to the untiring siblings. They take care of Rohui just as they learned from Taeyoung.

Haru continues spending time with Taeyang while Tablo works on his album. Ilgook tries hard to get the triplets to pose properly for his calendar. Hwijae and the twins are still in Busan with their grandfather. The twins have their first taste of spicy food which Seojun is able to distinguish right away while Seoeon does not feel anything.

The Hallyu superstar is, currently, the brand ambassador of Promiz, Domino’s Pizza, and Cell Return LED mask, alongside Park Seo Joon and Kang So Ra. He was also tapped to endorsed Lotte Duty Free, Etude House, and Kia Motors before. How much is the net worth of Suzy Bae’s ex-boyfriend? Keep on reading to know more details about the Gangnam Blues lead star.

Seoeon and Seojun are a big fan of Lightning Man that they even go to Lightning Man performances. Sarang prepares a secret performance and opens a nail salon just for Girls’ Generation. Donggook tries choosing clothes for his kids for the first time!

Also for this episode, Choo Sunghoon and Choo Sarang’s family makes a special appearance. The Lees are still at Hwijae’s former teacher’s home. Hwijae cooks dinner for his former teacher while struggle to cook on a rural stove. Taewoong and Sung Si-kyung work together to get Join’s toy un-stuck from the ceiling. He has each of the twins accompany in each different category.

Manse shows he misses Sarang and insist on sitting at her seat when she visited the Song’s. Hwijae plays a flash card game with the twins and is surprised when he finds out how intelligent Seojun is. The Lee’s go to the Tteok & Kitchen Utensil Museum to learn how to make home made tteok. Later Sunghoon takes Sarang and her friend Yuto “trick or treating” for Halloween.

But Seola and Sua seem to be more interested in toys. Hyejin prepares breakfast for Taewoong and Jion before both father and daughter are off to swimming lessons. Later Taewoong phones his older sister Uhm Jung Hwa via video chat to greet each other for Lunar New Year. Sarang and Sunghoon are in Asahikawa, Japan to visit the Asahiyama Zoo where Sarang looks forward to seeing the penguin attraction.

Donggook prepares a special fourth birthday for Sian who is transformed into a superhero. Sam and William visit the famous fastidious star, Jiwoong’s house and finds a new generous side of him meet4u support as an uncle. Meanwhile, Jiyong is surprised by how brave and confident Seungjae is in front of a crowd as well as in the nature. Jiyong and Seungjae visit Jiyong’s elementary school together.

In January 2019, dating rumours of the two sparked after they were caught on camera going grocery shopping together in the United States. Both of them donned caps and dark outfits but could not escape hawk-eyed fans. In 2017, the two were casted in the action-thriller movie The Negotiation (2018).